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Here's what the press had to say about it:

Recorded live at the Nassau Centre in Cape Town,  The Hanepoot Big Band’s debut album is a beautiful piece of new-style jazz musicianship. Every tune is thought out and prepared, but it isn’t explicit; and it isn’t laboured. It’s perfect. Jazz trombonist Jannie “Hanepoot” van Tonder’s romantic revolutionary spirit tears through every note. Oh, and the band as a unit is remarkable. Best tracks? Salt & Vinegar, Blue Prints and Rio de Quesos.

Damon Boyd, Sunday Times 29 January 2006

.. the music is irresistible, and I’ve seldom been more enthralled while listening to a big band album for the first time.

Jack Bowers, allaboutjazz.com

A sprightly debut by this 18-piece who have recorded a selection of their tunes live at the Nassau Centre. Their stint of four years has seen the band's playlist evolve into a proudly South African statement. The indigenous work featured here was composed by Zakes Nkosi, Dave Ledbetter, Douglas Armstrong and Merton Barrow. The band is led by Hanepoot himself, who brings something of the legacy of the infectious Winston's Jive Mixup and Bernoldus Niemand to the table.

Jane Mayne, Cape Times 30 December 2005

The quality of the music, musicians if top class and is a job well done. All in all a joyous celebration of the South African songbook.

Eric Alan, jazzrendezvous.co.za

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