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Playing Errol Dyers' composition Langery at Masque Theatre in 2009:

A recent 'home video' of the Biggish Band performing in Rondebosch Park:
Here are some pics of the band over the years

Now, let's not get carried away, shall we ..?
Ikwezi, Gugulethu, 2005

Letting them have it at the Jazzathon 2004

The saxes, also at the Jazzathon 2003
Nick Green, Graeme Thorne, John Thorne, Chris Dippenaar, John Ntsibilkwana

Douglas Armstrong, our 'Composer in Residence' at the Jazzathon

At the annual St. Luke's Hospice fund raiser in Rondebosch Park
That's David Poole on 1st Tenor, also a regular dep

Mandisi Djantjies, one of our regular 'deps', at the Armchair Theatre

Hanepoot in full swing...
Pic. Andre van der Merwe

Outside the SA Museum after a gig at the Cape Town Festival March 2003

A 'team'-photo taken at the Armchair Theatre in 2003
Pic. Andre van der Merwe

The Biggish Band rehearsing for their first gig
(this was still the original smaller band)
Pic. Mike Hutchings

The Biggish Band:
Saxes: Didier Richards, John Ntshibilikwana, Chris Tokalon, Charl Clayton, Nick Green
Trumpets: Douglas Armstrong, Muneeb Hermans, Siraaj Allen, Lee Thomson
Trombones: Andrew O'Donoghue, Stephen Sokuyeka, Matthew Willis, Jasper Cook
Rhythm (gt, pno, bs, dms, perc): Bruce Muirhead, George Werner, Sidney McKinnon, Simon Annett


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