JWBB LIVE at Manenberg's Jazz Cafe, V&A Waterfront, June 10/11

The Jazz Workshop Biggish Band will be performing this Friday and Saturday evening June 10/11 at Manenberg's Jazz Cafe at the Clock Tower Centre in the V&A Waterfront.

Manenberg's Jazz Café -- "A place in Africa" -- is one of Cape Town's foremost Jazz & Africa music venues featuring live music 7 nights a week, as well as Sundowner Sessions on weekends. Manenberg's was started in 1994 and was first situated in Adderley Street in the exciting period following South Africa's first democratic election. It was an appropriate venue, where one could see Robbie Jansen & the Sons of Table Mountain perform inside while a Klopse band was parading down the road outside! It was also situated across the road from the old NG 'Moederkerk', the Groote Kerk, and it's statue of Andrew Murray, which must've been a great comfort down the road from Parliament to the architects of Apartheid in the old days. This location once inspired the late James Phillips (aka Bernoldus Niemand) while hanging out on the Manenberg's balcony overlooking Adderley Street to remark: "Hey, it only took us 300 years to cross the road ..!"

These days Manenberg's is in the Waterfront and has seen a lot of top local and international acts perform -- the likes of Hugh Masekela, Jonas Gwangwa, Bayete, Robbie Jansen, the late Mahlatini as well as Moses Molelekwa, Zim Nqawana, Spyro Gyra, etc. You could also bump into various political heavy weights at this Jazz venue, which would certainly not have been the case with the previous government .. sometimes it does seem like 300 years ago, as we forget quite how strange life used to be in the old South Africa!

the JWBB Saxophone Section
on alto:
Charles Hart and John Ntsibilikwana
(pic Jonathan Handley)


on baritone & 2nd tenor
Nick Green & Graeme Thorne
(pic David O'Donnoghue)


and this week's new addition
the one-and-only
"The Marvelous Mouth"
Chris Tokalon

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This week we're featuring for the first time a classic South African personality on the 1st Tenor and Flute, Chris Tokalon, who is known for his work with guitar duo Steve Newman and Tony Cox. Chris has recently moved to Cape Town and will, schedule permitting, fill the 1st Tenor chair at the JWBB for his sins -- he had hardly landed in Slaapstad when he was roped in by band-leader Hanepoot van Tonder, who spent some time working with Chris in various dubious Jo'burg bands in the late 80's. Other than being a highly regarded flautist and saxophonist and his ability to impersonate any noise or accent (earning him the nick-name "Marvelous Mouth"), Chris is also well-known for his Sound Healing & Therapy -- check out www.soundman.co.za or http://www.halogaia.co.za/People.htm for more details. We're also for the first time featuring Colin Miller on guitar, as well as fairly regular guests George Werner on piano, Mandisi Djantjies on 1st Trumpet (standing in for Charlie Heyes who's floating somewhere in the atlantic!) and also an old face, Mike Nixon on Bass Trombone.

As usual the Jazz Workshop Biggish Band will play two sets of original compositions and some new arrangements of great South African Standards. We'll start playing at 21h30 and continue until about midnight. Couvert charge is R40.

other gigs confirmed: 13 August, Artscape, FMR 10th Birthday Concert

The JWBB is an amateur Big Band based in Cape Town, and lead by trombonist Jannie 'Hanepoot' van Tonder
(5 saxes, 4 trombones, 4 trumpets, 5 rhythm)

The JWBB plays original compositions, as well as new arrangements of South African Jazz standards.

Saxes: Charles Hart, John Ntshibilikwana, Chris Tokalon, Graham Thorne, Nick Green
Trumpets: Charlie Heyes, Douglas Armstrong, Daniel Kaplan, Stuart Bowen
Trombones: Andrew O'Donoghue, Shelley Williams, Simon Hough, Mike Nixon
Rhythm (gt, pno, bs, dms, perc): Colin Miller, George Werner, Sidney McKinnon, Ted Frazer, Keith Coxon

More info: jannie@bigband.co.za / 072 189 2481
or check out

Bookings: Nick Green 021 797 7628  or Graham Thorne 021 794 5928

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