Hanepoot Big Band: An Exhibition of Photographs

The Masque Theatre, Main Road, Muizenberg
10am - 1pm Monday to Thursday and showtimes, the month of May

& at the Hanepoot Big Band 8th Anniversary Concert Sunday 24th May 2009, 19h00

Masque Theatre

Fran Black. Photographer.

Born in South Africa in 1951 Fran Black has worked as a professional photographer for 25 years, mainly in London. Her work involves her in the corporate and pr world. She has covered NGO projects and travelled extensively in the developing world, photographing in 17 different countries. Her philosophy is to portray the real spirit of a place; it's people, culture and architecture.

Most of her work has been for publication and she has exhibited in London at the Architectural Association, Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan and The Darkroom.

A couple of years ago she happened upon the Hanepoot Big Band playing at the Masque Theatre in Muizenberg. What came out of this meeting is a collection of photographs that captures the energy and innovation of this unique Cape Town big band that performs solely South African Jazz.

Leader of the band and trombonist extraordinaire, Jannie 'Hanepoot' van Tonder, formerly of the African Jazz Pioneers, conducts a group of extremely talented musicians in a performance of superbly energetic indigenous jazz - marabi, goema and swing. An evening of Hanepoot Big Band music is filled with energy and is uplifting, leaving one feeling life-affirmed.

And so it is with these photographs. When van Tonder first saw the photographs Black had produced he said: 'I think they are beautiful pics, and the style really suits the way the band presents itself, which has always been a little off-centre.'

Black's style might also be described as 'a little off-centre' but these photographs seem to draw you into the players and their making of beautiful music. The energy and movement is there...her use of strong saturated colours reflects the vibrancy and richness of Cape Jazz.

The latest exhibition at the Masque Theatre which runs for the month of May will come together with an 8th anniversary performance by the Hanepoot Big Band on Sunday 24th May. What better entertainment than an evening of fabulous swing and jazz enhanced by a look at these lovely images...

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The Hanepoot Big Band:
Saxes: Storm de Klerk, John Ntshibilikwana, Chris Tokalon, Fred Block, Nick Green
Trumpets: Douglas Armstrong, Lwanda Gogwana, Stuart Bowen, Dean Manuel
Trombones: Jasper Cook, Andrew O'Donoghue, Mike Nixon, Jeremy Thurgood
Rhythm (g, p, b, d): Colin Miller, George Werner, Sidney McKinnon, Hein Goosen


Bookings: Nick Green 021 761 7740

CV: Jannie van Tonder